Essentials of genetics

Known for its focus on conceptual understanding, problem solving, and practical applications, the bestselling Essentials of Genetics strengthens problem-solving skills and explores the essential genetics topics that today’s students need to understand. The 10th Edition has been extensively updated t...

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Main Authors: Klug, William S. (Author), Cummings, Michael R. (Author), Spencer, Charlotte A. (Author), Palladino, Michael Angelo (Author), Killian, Darrell (Author)
Resource Type: Book
Published: Harlow Essex, UK Pearson [2021]
Edition:Tenth edition, Global edition.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction to genetics
  • Mitosis and meiosis
  • Mendelian genetics
  • Modification of mendelian ratios
  • Sex determination and sex chromosomes
  • Chromosome mutations : variation in number and arrangement
  • Linkage and chromosome mapping in eukaryotes
  • Genetic analysis and mapping in bacteria and bacteriophages
  • DNA structure and analysis
  • DNA replication
  • Chromosome structure and DNA sequence organization
  • The genetic code and transcription
  • Translation and proteins
  • Gene mutation, DNA repair, and transposition
  • Regulation of gene expression in bacteria
  • Regulation of gene expression in eukariotes
  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Genomics, bioinformatics, and proteomics
  • The genetics of cancer
  • Quantitative genetics and multifactorial traits
  • Population and evolutionary genetics.