Getting real about race Stephanie M. McClure, Cherise A. Harris.

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Other Authors: McClure, Stephanie M. (Editor), Harris, Cherise A. 1976- (Editor)
Resource Type: Book
Published: Los Angeles SAGE [2018]
Edition:Second edition.
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245 0 0 |a Getting real about race  |c editors  |b Stephanie M. McClure, Cherise A. Harris. 
250 |a Second edition. 
264 1 |a Los Angeles  |b SAGE  |c [2018] 
300 |a xi, 337 pages  |b illustrations, map  |c 26 cm 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0 |a I. LAYING THE FOUNDATION. "But My Mother Says It's Rude to Talk About Race!" : How and Why We Need to Discuss Race in the United States / Cherise A. Harris and Stephanie M. McClure -- "What Is Racism Anyway?" : Understanding the Basics of Racism and Prejudice / Beverly Daniel Tatum -- "Blacks Are Naturally Good Athletes" : The Myth of a Biological Basis for Race / Daniel Buffington -- "Native American/Indian, Asian/Oriental, Latino/Hispanic... Who Cares?" : Language and the Power of Self-Definition / Bradley Koch -- "Is Discrimination Against Muslims Really Racism?" : The Racial Formation of Islamophobia / Steve Garner and Saher Selod -- II. DEBUNKING INDIVIDUAL ATTITUDES. "If People Stopped Talking About Race, It Wouldn't Be a Problem Anymore" : Silencing the Myth of a Color-Blind Society / Ted Thornhill -- "Obama Says Blacks Should Just Work Harder, Isn't That Right?" : The Myth of Meritocracy / Paula Ioanide -- "If Only He Hadn't Worn the Hoodie..." : Race, Selective Perception, and Stereotype Maintenance / Rashawn Ray -- "My Family Had to Learn English When They Came, So Why Is Everything in Spanish for Them" : Race and the Spanish Language in the United States / Jennifer Domino Rudolph -- "Asians Are Doing Great, So That Proves Race Really Doesn't Matter Anymore" : The Model Minority Myth and the Sociological Reality / Min Zhou -- "But Muslims Aren't Like Us!" : Deconstructing Myths About Muslims in America / Jen'nan Ghazal Read -- "But It's Honoring! It's Tradition!" : The Persistence of Racialized Indian Mascots and Confederate Culture in Sports / Dana M. Williams -- III. INSTITUTIONS, POLICIES, AND LEGACIES OF OPPRESSION. FAMILY. "But What About the Children?": Understanding Contemporary Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating / Nikki Khanna -- "Blacks Don't Value Marriage as Much as Other Groups" : Examining Structural Inequalities in Black Marriage Patterns / Dawne M. Mouzon -- EDUCATION. "Well, Some Cultures Value Education More" : Considering the role of Culture Versus Structure in Educational Attainment / Hersheda Patel, Emily Meanwell, and Stephanie M. McClure -- "They Don't Want to Be Integrated, They Even Have Their Own Greek Organizations" : History, Institutional Context, and Self-Segregation" / Stephanie M. McClure -- "I Had a Friend Who Had Worse Scores Than Me and He Got Into a Better College" : The Legal and Social Realities of the College Admissions Process / OiYan Poon -- POLITICS, SOCIAL POLICY, AND THE STATE. "We Need to Take Care of 'Real Americans' First" : Historical and Contemporary Definitions of Citizenship / Kara Cebulko -- "If Black People Aren't Criminals, Then Why Are So Many of Them in Prison?" : Confronting Racial Biases in Perceptions of Crime and Criminals / Sara Buck Doude -- "If Only They Would Make Better Choices" : Understanding Ethnoracial Disparities in Health Outcomes / Dawne M. Mouzon -- "Now All the Good Jobs Go to Them!" : Affirmative Action in the Labor Market / Wendy Leo Moore -- IV. RACE IN EVERYDAY INTERACTIONS. "Why Do They Get to Use the N-Word But I Can't?" : Privilege, Power, and the Politics of Language / Geoff Harkness -- "It's Appreciation Not Appropriation! I Don't Know Why You're Offended!" : Understanding Exploitation and Cultural Appropriation / Brittney Dennis -- "I'm Not Racist. Some of My Best Friends Are..." : The Shift From Being a "Friend" to Becoming an Ally / Cherise A. Harris. 
650 0 |a Stereotypes (Social psychology)  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Race. 
651 0 |a United States  |x Race relations. 
700 1 |a McClure, Stephanie M.  |e editor. 
700 1 |a Harris, Cherise A.  |d 1976-  |e editor. 
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