Honoring fathers an international poetry anthology

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Other Authors: Abad, Gemino Henson 1939-, Yuson, Alfred A.
Resource Type: Book
Published: Quezon City University of Philippines Press c2005.
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245 0 0 |a Honoring fathers  |b an international poetry anthology  |c Gemino H. Abad, Alfred A. Yuson, editors. 
264 1 |a Quezon City  |b University of Philippines Press  |c c2005. 
300 |a 122 p. 
505 0 |a Fernando Afable: Father -- Marc Ayende: Paternity -- Barbara Baker: My father's house -- Nguyen Bao Chan: My father's hand -- Gillian Bickley: Protection -- Marie Bismonte: War, 1993 -- Luis Cabalquinto: That day -- Karen Ann C. Capco: Father waves -- Lynda Chanwai-Earle: Details from a personal journal, case 1. After her termination, and Details from a personal journal, Case 2. A retiring glance -- Frank Cimatu: Playing online chess with my father and fourteen years after his death: three sonnets -- Zheng Danyi: Sorrow -- Salah Elewa: To my father -- Brent Fujinaka: Black butterflies -- Eugene Gloria: Good babu and peony -- Kavita Jindal: My father's life in mine -- Ken Ishikawa: Yasuo -- Timothy Kaiser: My father-in-law at twenty -- Tsipi Keller: A man and his daughter, my father's watches and arvit (evening prayer) -- Agnes Lam: Three white hairs -- N.F. Abdul Manaf: On the death of a great man -- Mike Maniquiz: Watching the grass die with my father, the birds and two rivers -- Edgardo B. Maranan: Rites of passage -- Pat Matsueda: A father in flight across the Pacific with his daughter, sketch of a father, poem for alcoholics, and memorial day -- Alejandro Mujica-Olea: Old man -- David Myers: In flight from the menagerie -- Ben Orlove: My father's postcards -- Papa Osmubal: My father before his death -- Bj A. Patino: Cars and dogs -- Mohammad Rafiq: Abba -- Mani Rao: Untitled and untitled 2 -- W.S. Rendra: Looking for a father -- Muhammad Haji Salleh: Death like conception -- Amina Said: Poems for father -- Ariadne Sawyer: Father -- Thomas Shapcott: War -- Julia Klatt Singer: Finding dad -- Madeleine Marie Slavick: To be full of grace -- Frank Stewart: Letter to a daughter at age ten, Hawaiian Rain, and Coming and going after Po-Chu-I -- Ramon C. Sunico: Why this isn't a Haiku, Juani's toys # 1 Ball, and Juan's sun -- Joel Barraquiel Tan: Sinanglay -- Eddie Tay: Father -- Rowena T. Torrevillas: Each word : a family history -- Montri Umavijani: A plea for my father -- Ernesto Superal Yee: The birth of pang -- Robert Yeo: A dragon for the family -- Lawrence Lacambra Ypil: Lemon tree -- Baha Zain: Father. 
650 0 |a Fathers  |v Poetry. 
650 0 |a Philippine poetry (English) 
700 1 |a Abad, Gemino Henson  |d 1939-. 
700 1 |a Yuson, Alfred A. 
842 |a Book 
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950 |a Monograph 
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