Forests for people community rights and forest tenure reform

"In recent years governments in the South have transferred at least 200 million hectares of forests to communities living in and around them . This book assesses the experience of what appears to be a new international trend that has substantially increased the share of the world's forests...

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Other Authors: Barry, Deborah (Editor), Dahal, Ganga Ram (Editor), Colfer, Carol J. Pierce (Editor)
Resource Type: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Tenure change in the global south
  • Forest tenure reform: an orphan with only uncles
  • The devolution of management rights and the co-management of community forest
  • From discourse to policy: the practical interface of statutory and customary land and forest rights
  • Authority relations under new forest tenure arrangements
  • Community networks, collective action and forest management benefits
  • Regulations as barriers to community benefits in tenure reform
  • Communities and forest markets: assessing the benefits from diverse forms of engagement
  • Outcomes of reform for livelihoods, forest condition and equity
  • Conclusions and refections for the future of forest tenure reform.